09/02/2010 - 21/02/2010

Due North

Northwest Territories and the Yukon, Canada

Ultimately, it is all the Mountie's fault. He had a way of pronouncing Tuktoyaktuk that made it sound like the most interesting place on earth. I looked it up immediately to see if the place was real. It was - in the very far north of Canada. Even better, there was a road leading to it. But it was an ice road, usable in winter only. It sounded like a nice and very impossible plan and so it disappeared in the depths of my bookmarking system of the then still young Internet browser. Years passed by. With Internet and globalization, the world moved closer together, but Tuktoyaktuk seemed as far as ever. And then, on a rainy night last autumn I came across the lost bookmarks again and I started reading. And I asked around for a travel compagnion. And suddenly I found myself booking flights. And hotels. And a car...

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