15/08/2009 - 22/08/2009

Newfoundland, Canada

Whenever I talked about my plans to visit Newfoundland I got this thoughtful nod that people employ when they have the feeling that somebody has just touched an embarrassing gap in their general education. Newfies, on the other hand, are quite aware that their island has fallen off the mental map of Europeans a long time ago and thus, the most common question a visiting European will encounter is: "How did you end up here?" It's a tough one, actually. I don't remember when and why Newfoundland entered my mental map. It was probably because I looked up the other end of Canada before going to Vancouver. However, in the last years I have been gradually introduced to Newfoundland folk music, which made me really curious about the country where it comes from. When I decided to do another hop over the Atlantic this year, Newfoundland was simply the natural choice.

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